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Cinemaflix video is the newest mobile app for short and long videos! You're going to find the most thrilling thing. All you have to do is watch, interact with what you want, and you'll discover an endless stream of short videos just for you that feel personalised. Explore videos, just one scroll away-Look at all sorts of funny videos, humour, entertainment, news, etc. Only scroll away to find out what you like about it. The main agenda behind this app is to provide the INDIAN Forum/App to INDIAN PEOPLE so that they can easily showcase their talents. In the future, we will continue to add more and more features to this app. This is what we want to do with your support as the NUMBER ONE video sharing app. If you install and believe this app is going to happen, share it with your peers, family members and colleagues.

SHARE & DOWNLOAD Have you ever wanted an INDIAN APP to make SHORT VIDEOS? Your search stops here then. With fashion, beauty and music, this app has all the features to make amazing short videos. Become a star by sharing your video creations through Facebook or Whatsapp with family and friends. Don't you have an app? no worries! The video from the shared connection can still be watched by your friends.